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American Shooters Union

The American Shooters Union: Upholding And Celebrating The Second Amendment.


Welcome to The American Shooters Union. The ASU has been upholding and celebrating our Second Amendment rights for over 28 years. Founded in Georgia in 1982 by Karl Maunz and shooters from many US service branches, the ASU is dedicated to the individual shooting hobbyist/enthusiast. In the past, the ASU is famous for promoting fun and convenient shooting competitions, teaching safety and competitive shooting with national and state support, and helping train the next generation of shooters. Currently, the ASU has developed a new under cover match never before attempted in the United States. Click on the “Project List” tab to learn more about this new match and YOUR chance at recognition and BIG MONEY!

Please feel free to browse this website using the links below. On this site you will be able to learn about the history of our sponsor on the “About Us” page, find information on how to contact ASU for match information, and our new upcoming match on the “Project List” page.

To contact us:

Phone: 1-419-832-2512


Now An NRA Affiliate. Second Amendment Rifle Match Open For Preregistration!