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Text Box: Surprise match

The ASU has developed a new surprise match currently still under cover. The match will be a “postal match” using a revolutionary new gun developed specifically for it. Enter now for YOUR chance at BIG MONEY!

Project summary

> New under cover target for match

> Will be a postal match

> Shooters competing across the US for large prize

> Match conducted with special match rifle and provided ammo

> Observer will certify targets

> Prizes to be awarded based on score and ASU classification

> All participants must be ASU members

> Detailed rulebook to be unveiled shortly

The ASU has developed a new surprise match. This match will feature a new under cover target. The match will be conducted as a postal match, allowing shooters to compete across the US for a chance at a large prize.


Matches will be conducted at ASU state affiliates with ASU match guns and ASU furnished ammunition. An observer will watch and certify the match targets and the targets and spent cases will be mailed back to the ASU for scoring.


Prizes will be awarded based on shooting score achieved as well as your ASU classification.


Every contest participant must belong to the American Shooters Union. No other membership is required.


Detailed rulebook to be unveiled shortly.

The match will be an “under cover” match

To contact us:

Phone: 1-419-832-2512